The first full edition of Causal Islands was hosted in Toronto in April 2023.

The website is archived at, and the source code is on github /causal-islands/toronto-2023.


The Fission team organized the first Causal Islands.

Top, from left to right: James Walker (workshop presenter), Brooklyn Zelenka (speaker and selection committee), Zeeshan Lakhani (selection committee, MC), Quinn Wilton (speaker), Chris Benson (event operations lead).

Bottom: Boris Mann (MC, finance, ticketing), Becky Vasquez (marketing lead).

Not pictured: Bruno Monts (brand, design, wayfinding, website), Ryan Betts (creative direction, Causal Islands sound loop), and the rest of the Fission team for all their support.

Thanks to Blue Yard Capital (sponsors, Chad Fowler selection committee) and Protocol Labs (in kind sponsor for video, supported by Patrick Dunnam, on the ground video lead).