Introducing Causal Islands Berlin 2024

We're organizing a Causal Islands conference in Berlin and have gathered initial organizers and sponsors. Join us October 2024.

This is an early introduction of the organizers, selection committee, and sponsors that are supporting bringing Causal Islands to Berlin in October 2024.

Here's what we've worked out so far:

  • This will be a 2 day conference in the range of October 17th - 20th, 2024
  • Aiming for 150 - 200 people
  • Single track
  • Curated speaker invites + CFP

Meet the People

Orion Reed is the lead host for Causal Islands Berlin 2024. Boris Mann joins him to support event operations.

We have had early commitment from Steve Ruiz and his company TLDraw to be sponsors, serve on the selection committee, and supporting Orion's time to help organize.

James from the Build DAO co-op is an organizer, has committed a sponsorship, and is interested in supporting community and governance as we explore what the future structure of Causal Islands is.

Paul Rony of Kosmik has committed to sponsoring, serving on the selection committee, and supporting video capture and production. He is also interested in how we share, archive, and spread information from communities and events like Causal Islands.

Jack Rusher is our one organizer on the ground in Berlin. He is interested in continuing to expand the cross-disciplinary nature of Causal Islands, and seeing how we can integrate art and performance (a "night schedule" to go alongside the daytime talks), as well as the past, present and future of technology.

Thank you to MIWA Events for your in-kind sponsorship of venue research and negotation. It's amazing to be able to work with Yuni & Nicole on this, and we hope to have more of their support for future events.

Stay Tuned!

Subscribe here on the site, we'll have more news soon as we work on nailing down exact dates and venue.